Open Division Foods

All entries must be the work of the exhibitor. Limited to one entry per category.

1. Breads

    a. Banana Bread (1 loaf)

    b. Zucchini Bread (1 loaf)

    c. Biscuits (4)

    d. Corn Muffins or Sticks (4)

    e. Cinnamon Rolls (4)

    f. Yeast Bread (1 loaf)

    g. Any Other

2. Homemade Cakes: Please display covered cake on foil covered cardboard. No cake mixes to be used.

    a. Angel Food, ½, not iced

    b. Layer Cake, 1/2, iced

    c. Pound Cake, 1/2, not iced

    d. Any Other

3. Cookies

    a. Brownies (4)

    b. Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)

    c. Peanut Butter Cookies (4)

    d. Oatmeal Cookies (4)

    e. Any Other Cookie (4)

4. Candies

    a. Chocolate Fudge (4)

    b. Peanut Butter Fudge (4)

    c. Any Other Candy (4)

5. Pies

    a. Any Fruit Pie

    b. Pecan Pie

    c. Any Meringue Topped Pie

6. Jam, Jelly & Preserves

    a. Blackberry Jam

    b. Grape Jelly

    c. Strawberry Preserves

    d. Any Other Preserves

    e. Apple Butter

7. Pickles & Relish

    a. Bread and Butter Pickles

    b. Dill Pickles

    c. Sweet Pickles

    d. Pepper Relish, Any Variety

    e. Tomato Relish

    f. Any Other Relish

8. Canned Fruit

    a. Applesauce

    b. Peaches

    c. Pears

    d. Blackberries

    e. Any Other

9. Canned Vegetables

    a. Green Beans

    b. Canned Tomatoes

    c. Tomato Juice

    d. Salsa

    e. Corn

    f. Any Other